Fire Sprinkler Repair

When your business needs a fire sprinkler repair, you can’t wait to fix it, no matter what time of day or night you find the problem. AIE is here to help! Our nationwide fire sprinkler repair techs are at your service 24/7/365 to get you back in business and calm the panic.
AIE is a national fire sprinkler repair company, supporting all your company’s locations with fire system repair, maintenance, inspections, engineering, code consulting, and water supply services. One call does it all, even in emergencies.

Industries We Serve

Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens

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Fire Sprinkler Systems Repair & Maintenance

Need a fire sprinkler or water system repair in one of your big box stores, restaurants, warehouses, distribution centers, government facilities, or commercial kitchens? You need the best fire sprinkler system repair company near you that can stop the problem as fast as possible — AIE’s rapid response team is here for you, no matter where your business is located.

Our expert fire sprinkler repair involves solving the problem fast and accurately, and we offer regular maintenance, inspections, and restoration of fire sprinkler systems in commercial buildings.

Emergency Fire Sprinkler Repair: Rapid Response 24/7/365

One phone call to AIE’s in-house sprinkler repair experts will assist you with stopping the water flow immediately and reduce the risks associated with more serious water damage in your building while our technicians are en route. Not sure where the leak is coming from? That’s what we do! We will identify the source and stop the leak as quickly as possible so you can resume business without worry.

Fire Sprinkler Troubleshooting

If there’s an issue with your company’s fire sprinkler system, our technicians will identify the root cause. This could involve investigating alarms, leaks, water pressure problems, or any other malfunctioning components.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Assessment

Before performing repairs, we conduct a thorough inspection of the entire fire sprinkler system. This includes checking all components such as pipes, valves, sprinkler heads, alarms, control panels, and water supply sources. The assessment helps identify all issues that need attention.

Fire Sprinkler Repairs and Replacement

Based on the assessment and troubleshooting, our technicians proceed with repairs. This could involve fixing or replacing damaged or malfunctioning parts, such as corroded pipes, faulty sprinkler heads, defective valves, or worn-out gaskets.

Fire Sprinkler Testing

After repairs, the fire sprinkler system is thoroughly tested to ensure it’s functioning as intended. This might include conducting flow tests, alarm tests, and checking water pressure and distribution patterns from sprinkler heads.

Fire Sprinkler Refilling the System

If water was depleted or discharged during testing or repairs, we will refill and pressurize the system appropriately, so it is ready for operation

Fire Sprinkler Documentation

We provide the proper documentation of repairs, inspections, tests, and maintenance, which is essential for compliance with national, local, and regional regulations. We provide this information electronically for easy access as required by local fire departments, insurance providers, and regulatory agencies.

Fire Sprinkler Compliance and Certification

In many jurisdictions, commercial buildings are required to have their fire sprinkler systems inspected and certified regularly. After repairs, the system needs to be recertified to ensure it meets safety standards. AIE provides this certification.

Get the Best Fire Sprinkler System Repair from a Family-owned American Company

When you need a fire sprinkler repair at your business or organization, it’s usually an emergency. Get the best fire sprinkler repair at all your nationwide locations from a family-owned, American company, AIE, based in St. Louis, Missouri. Our phone lines are staffed 24/7/365 by AIE employees with compassion and competence to help resolve your issues rapidly and return your world to normal. Contact us today to learn more.

Fire sprinkler and water system repair emergency helpline: 888-AIE-PALS (243-7257)

Contact us here to schedule routine fire sprinkler repairs: 800-892-9863