Fire Protection & Inspection Management

Unannounced or even planned fire marshal inspections are stressful – they disrupt daily business activity and reduce productivity. Not sure who to call? AIE is your nationwide commercial fire protection, fire inspection management, and resolution company, at your service 24/7/365.

Our team takes pride in thorough and accurate safety inspections, problem diagnosis, and efficient resolutions, creating long-term value and safety for your company and its most precious asset – your people.

Inspection Management & Resolutions

Fire protection and sprinkler system inspections can result in expenses and lost revenue due to violations, regulatory errors, or conflicts with authorities. One call to AIE puts the management of equipment inspections and any fire system in the hands of our experienced team including a former fire marshal inspector. We understand multiple systems, local regulations, and code requirements. This single-point-of-contact reduces the risks of “too many people making calls when the fire marshal shows up.” And, knowing the difference between what is required and what the inspector likes to see often results in quicker resolution at a lower cost and an enhanced relationship with local inspection authorities. Our approach ensures focus on the proper job, at the proper time, with the proper costs.

Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) Recognition

Our inspection team is often recognized and appreciated by Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). We have developed solid professional AHJ relationships nationally and locally through assistance and education, both in systems and code issues, and work harmoniously with them to solve any issues.

Your single-source partner for all fire protection and life-safety needs, including inspection management of the following:


Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Emergency Lighting Systems

Fire Extinguishers

Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire Doors

Backflow Systems

Water Systems

Special Hazards

Minimize Fire Risk & Achieve Full Compliance

Our experienced team helps manage your inspections and resolves, prevents, and reduces potential fines or closures, relieving the anxiety of an uncertain situation. We also ensure fire protection equipment and fire sprinkler systems at all locations meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes, as well as local and statewide requirements, and if they do not, we implement solutions to get them up to code.

Our process to minimize fire risk and achieve full code compliance involves the following:

Manage new build, existing facility, and third-party inspections; recommend resolutions for any fire protection equipment, fire sprinkler system, and water system issues.
Perform routine fire sprinkler inspections of existing systems and those under construction to ensure they meet NFPA 25 requirements, as well as local and state codes.


Inspect, test, analyze, investigate, and report on the state of your water system and address any correctable problems.


Post-inspection recommendations are analyzed and categorized as to the level of action needed. A database is generated for all problems and assists with future solutions, cost reductions, and priorities.


Digital inspection forms and electronic document management provide a greener approach and easy access to the information for your company, as well as any code authority who requests it.

Call AIE for Your Fire Protection Inspection Today

A spontaneous fire inspection or fire system malfunction can disrupt business and lead to costly end results. We help manage those inspections and guarantee your business’s fire protection and life-safety systems stand up to NFPA, ICC, and other local, state, and national codes, standards and requirements. Call or contact us to discuss your fire protection needs today and sleep better tonight.  800-892-9863

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