Fire Equipment Services: Repair & Maintenance

AIE’s commercial, nationwide fire equipment services provide thorough and accurate inspections, problem diagnosis, fire protection repair, and maintenance, creating long-term value and reliable fire safety for your company and its most precious asset – your people.

Since 1983, AIE has helped clients nationwide with all aspects of their commercial fire equipment inspections, maintenance, repair services, and life-safety needs. Our passion, our purpose, and our promise is to be there for you 24/7/365 to keep your people safe and your business profitable.

Complete Fire Equipment Services: What We Repair & Maintain

Whether you need a one-time repair or a full-service plan of inspection, repair, and maintenance of your company’s fire-safety equipment, AIE is your national, single- source fire protection partner for all fire and life-safety repair and maintenance solutions.

AIE has the expertise to ensure high-quality fire protection equipment maintenance services and repair, which means you can feel confident that your fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems, backflow preventers, fire alarms, water supply, and all life-safety systems are in perfect working order. From servicing and maintenance to big repairs, your company’s multi-site facilities, retail stores, restaurants, or distribution centers can rely on our reputable repair and fire maintenance services to stay up to code and keep your employees and customers safe. 

And, we make routine maintenance easy – our committed and experienced technicians manage your equipment maintenance and repair records electronically. This creates accessible documentation and assists with cost reductions, budgeting, scheduling, planning, inspections, and maintenance. Our fire equipment services include repair and maintenance of the following: 


Fire Sprinkler Systems

Life Safety Systems

Emergency Lighting Systems

Fire Extinguisher Services

Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Doors

Backflow Systems

Water Systems

Special Hazards

Reliable, Nationwide Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers & Hoods

Fire extinguishers are vital to fire safety in any type of business. They must be in working order and readily available when even the smallest of fires breaks out. That’s why it’s imperative to inspect and maintain your fire extinguishers, and to know when to recharge or replace. AIE is a nationwide fire extinguisher maintenance company that performs and coordinates maintenance and inspections, so you can carry on with business and know that you’re protected. 

When it comes to kitchen hood fire suppression system inspections and maintenance, NFPA 96 says you must complete restaurant hood inspections every six months by a licensed fire protection company. Therefore, twice a year, AIE will ensure if there is a fire in your commercial kitchen, your suppression system will activate, put the fire out, and shut off the gas line or electric running to the equipment. And, because we keep electronic records, you never have to worry about when to get them inspected, we keep track for you!

Comprehensive Inspections and Fire Equipment Services:

fire equipment servicing & maintenance

Portable fire extinguisher services and inspections

Emergency lighting inspections

Kitchen hood inspections

Inspection/maintenance of fire doors

Recharging and testing of portable fire extinguishers

Nationwide Water Leak Repairs: Available 24/7/365

When you have an above ground or underground water leak, getting the right people on-site immediately saves time and significant dollars, dollars that can add up quickly. AIE has the skills to find the source rapidly and fix the problem with minimal business disruption – this is where the true value lies. Our quick response and rapid repair reduce the risks associated with water in your building or on your property and help restore order. 

Protect Your Business with Multi-Site Fire Protection & Fire Equipment Services

For decades, AIE has been providing coast-to-coast, multi-site fire protection services and solutions, as well as fire equipment servicing, repair, and equipment maintenance services to some of the nation’s largest retailers and corporate partners. We’d love to do the same for you!

Give us a call or contact us to discuss your fire safety system and fire equipment service needs. We even provide nationwide fire extinguishers! 800-892-9863

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