Commercial Fire Sprinkler Services & Water Supply

High-quality fire sprinkler systems can save lives, but not without adequate sprinkler water supply. Both of these working together are critical to running your business and protecting the lives of those inside. AIE’s nationwide fire sprinkler and water supply services provide peace of mind knowing you have the best fire sprinkler systems at all times. Our team specializes in commercial fire sprinkler inspections, repairs, and maintenance.

Since 1983, AIE ‘s on-staff fire protection engineers and consultants have offered nationwide fire sprinkler system design and fire sprinkler repair services to a vast number of clients who depend on us for state-of-the-art products and services, as well as inspections, compliance, and education.

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems Design & Engineering

Want to update your current facility’s fire sprinkler design? Looking to expand your existing building or are you in the design phase of a new build? Our in-house, licensed fire sprinkler engineers specialize in the highest quality commercial sprinkler system design for new commercial buildings and existing buildouts. We also design fire sprinkler system upgrades and retrofit installations in facilities of various types and sizes – from mid-size retail, industrial, restaurant, and office facilities to large spaces like multi-site, big-box stores and distribution centers.

Our professionals work with you during every step of fire sprinkler design, from the initial sprinkler engineering and design stage through planning and permitting. We perform a variety of commercial fire sprinkler services, including:

Risk and hazard analysis

Code interpretation

Hydraulic analysis

Evaluation of existing commercial fire sprinkler systems

Conversion of existing systems to meet current codes and standards

Complete fire protection system design for new facilities

Design of wet systems, dry systems, pre-action systems, fire pumps, and water storage tanks

Building Information Modeling (BMI) coordination

Nationwide Commercial Fire Sprinkler Inspections

Your commercial building’s automatic fire sprinkler system is the first line of defense when fire breaks out. Fire sprinklers can control a fire and keep it small while protecting occupants from harm and saving your business. So, how do you know your fire sprinklers will work when needed?

When you work with AIE’s fire sprinkler experts to perform the required fire sprinkler inspections as per NFPA and your local fire authorities, we will make sure your sprinkler system is functioning as it should.  Our team can also repair your fire sprinkler system if the inspection shows anything isn’t working properly, perform regular maintenance, and act as third-party inspection managers when needed.

Fire Sprinkler Repair & Maintenance

Fire sprinkler system maintenance is also a vital step in the inspection and testing process that should never be skipped. Without proper maintenance, your fire sprinklers may appear in working order and test okay once a year, but without lubrication, tightening of loose bolts, cleaning, and clearing lines, your fire sprinklers may experience a shortened life span and may not work during a fire.

That’s where AIE makes life easier – we are your one-stop fire protection partner for fire sprinkler inspections, maintenance, and repair. We have a nationwide network of highly skilled contractors and technicians with factory training, certification, and licensure who can be there to keep your fire sprinklers and the water supply systems in working order, while complying with NFPA25 and NFPA 291 standards and local codes.

We are your single-source, 24/7 fire sprinkler services partner for your nationwide multi-site retail stores, big-box stores, grocery stores, distribution centers, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, and movie theaters. With us, you can be sure you’re working with one of the best fire sprinkler companies!

Water Supply System Testing

The most important factor in any fire protection system is the quantity of water and the effective water pressure available to run the system. There must be proper fire sprinkler water supply to put out fires. Using the water department, fire department, or sprinkler techs to assess your commercial water system can be less than reliable and skew results, leading to unfavorable water system inspections and additional costs to your company.

Clients who utilize AIE’s water testing services on a regular basis have realized cost-savings from the investigation and discovery of correctable problems on city supplies and fire hydrants that may have otherwise led to significant company costs and inconveniences. 

What we do: test, analyze, investigate, and report the state of your water system, address problems, and offer objective, cost-effective solutions should any changes need to be made. Once the capacity of the water system has been determined, our engineers provide a detailed hydraulic analysis to ensure required flow rates and pressures are available while utilizing the most efficient utility design. This optimizes underground water piping to decrease costs and prevent the need for pumps and tanks.  Our team will also inspect your water storage tanks to ensure the highest quality. 

AIE water supply system testing and analysis involves:

Use of Underwriter’s Playpipes, Hose Monsters, Pollard Diffusers, and calibrated gauges for all flows to resolve discharge coefficient disputes.

Performance of testing in accordance with NFPA 291 criteria.

Performance of simultaneous water flow testing to determine the advantage of tying lines together.

Determination of the validity of test results based upon theoretically available public supplies.

Commercial Backflow Preventer Inspection & Testing

When you own or manage a restaurant, retail store, distribution center, or other commercial facility,  water backflow prevention is critical to avert drinking water contamination, which is why backflow preventers are required by law.

Within your multi-site locations, each building has at least one backflow prevention device inside the water pipes that only allows water to flow into the building. When your backflow device is inspected, tested, and certified to work properly, it stops backups from things like pressure in the line or a community-wide water outage, ensuring your potable water sources remain pollutant-free.

Signs of a broken backflow preventer are usually subtle, yet can cause dangerous, prolonged bouts of illness, which is why regular inspections by AIE’s certified backflow preventer technician are critical to the health of your customers, staff, and community.

Backflow Preventer Inspection Requirements

Commercial backflow preventer inspection requirements differ slightly by region however, most require an annual inspection and test of each cross-connection control and backflow preventer by a certified backflow preventer inspector.

Save time, money, and hassle by having AIE’s licensed fire sprinkler inspector inspect and test your backflow preventers in the same appointment. We can also inspect your water storage tanks!


Did you know...

A licensed fire sprinkler inspector can legally inspect and test your backflow preventors, but a backflow inspector cannot, by code, inspect your sprinkler system?

Turn to AIE for All Your Fire Sprinkler Services: System Repair, Design & Maintenance

Whether you’re in the design phase, need sprinkler repair, or have had the same system for years, AIE’s in-house engineers and specialists are here to plan, inspect, maintain, troubleshoot, repair, and act as third-party inspection consultants to provide the best fire sprinkler system and water supply. We offer a wide variety of fire sprinkler services, including complete fire sprinkler system design, sprinkler engineering,  monthly maintenance, sprinkler inspections, and fire sprinkler repair in St. Louis and across the country. 

Call or contact our team today to work with one of the top fire protection companies in the nation. We provide a no-obligation conversation about your commercial fire sprinkler repair and service needs.800-892-9863

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