Are you a fire safety or facility manager in a big box store, grocery store, retail store, distribution center, storage warehouse, or another type of organization who is unclear about what special fire hazard systems are, why you need them, and where you need them? You’re not alone! Using special fire hazard systems for fire protection can be a source of ambiguity.

That is why, in this article, AIE has provided an easy reference guide with answers to your questions about fire protection systems for special hazards and more. We also give you a simple solution to your unique special fire hazard systems management.

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What Are Special Hazard Fire Protection Systems?

To determine what type of special hazard fire protection systems your building requires, it helps to understand the meaning of a special hazard.

Special hazards are not fire hazards that occur due to things like flammable liquids left by a heat source – they are areas of your building that require special hazard fire equipment and fire alarms. These areas may encompass the entire building, a designated area of floor space, a single room, or a piece of equipment. You will often see special hazard systems in areas where electronics and high-value assets are used and/or stored where using water to extinguish fires could be as damaging as the fire itself.

Fire protection systems for special hazards include fire, heat, and smoke detection and control combined with a fire suppression system that typically uses a dry suppressant agent. These systems are designed to quickly detect a developing fire or heat condition to provide an early warning for evacuation, suppress fires when fire sprinklers are not appropriate, and mitigate business interruption with minimal post-fire damage.

Special hazard systems include dry, gaseous, and combination agents, such as:

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  • FM-200 systems
  • Inert gas (oxygen reducing systems)
  • N2 nitrogen
  • Clean agents
  • CO2 high pressure and low pressure
  • Water mist
  • Hybrid and water mist – pre-engineered and engineered
  • Wet foam systems – high expansion, medium expansion, low expansion
  • Deluge fire systems
  • Dry Chemical

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Does My Business Need a Special Hazard Fire Suppression System?

Companies that typically require special hazard and fire alarm systems include data centers, chemical plants, power plants, manufacturing facilities, paint booths, industrial marine facilities, aircraft hangers, printers, healthcare facilities, air traffic control centers, and telecommunication companies. These can be exceptionally challenging from a fire-protection standpoint due to the highly flammable and potentially explosive chemicals, as well as the massive amount of electronics.

Special hazard fire suppression equipment and fire alarms systems are also preferred when there are items of rarity, high value, or those that are irreplaceable and would be harmed by traditional wet fire sprinklers such as fine art, items in museums, records in storage, archives, books, or antiquities.

Consult with Fire Protection Experts

If you’re a new business owner or manager, moving to a new facility, or taking on projects you’ve never had before, it’s wise to consult with a fire protection and engineering company, like AIE. Our fire protection engineers can perform a fire protection assessment to determine if you have the best equipment for your needs and that it meets National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) special hazards standards, as well as your local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) regulations.

If we find a building requires a new special hazard suppression system or an upgrade, we can help you design a special fire hazard and fire alarm system that fits your facility and business scope and be your fire protection partner throughout the process.

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Special Hazards Systems Inspections

Per NFPA 750, NFPA 2001, your AHJ, and your insurance company’s requirements, your special fire hazards and fire alarm systems must be regularly inspected and tested. AIE’s certified, highly experienced technicians can perform monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual special hazard inspections, testing, and service at all your company’s locations, nationwide.

We offer the convenience of grouping inspections for all your fire protection in as few visits as possible with minimal business interruption. We also utilize electronic documentation for easy record keeping, budgeting, and code compliance.

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AIE provides thorough and accurate special hazard fire system and fire safety inspections, problem diagnosis, and efficient resolutions for long-term value and the safety of your company and its most precious asset – your people.

Your Simple Solution to Special Fire Hazard Systems Management

If you manage multi-site locations across a region or throughout the country, staying current with fire protection and special fire hazard regulations, inspections, and advancing technology can be a full-time job. But there is a simple, time-saving solution! AIE. We are a true, single-source, nationwide fire protection company with nearly 40 years of experience, at your service 24/7/365.

We can be your special fire hazard systems management team while simultaneously managing all locations’ fire protection solutions. We make it easy for you to carry on with the business at hand while we help keep your people safe from fire and your business profitable. Contact us today if you have any questions about this article or would like to have a no-obligation special hazards systems conversation. 800-892-9863