Fire protection and fire safety in restaurants is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Your properties have their own layout, specific equipment that’s geared toward your operation, and their own maintenance and service needs. It’s imperative you know what to look for when evaluating the top fire protection companies and fire protection contractors.

That’s why you need one reputable and experienced commercial fire safety company to focus on your custom fire protection, maintenance, repair, and inspection services. The top fire protection companies deliver the most effective solutions at the most efficient value and don’t interfere with daily operations. So, how do you choose the best partner for your restaurants?

Look for the following criteria to ensure you select a dependable who will be at your side for years to come.

  • Choose commercial fire safety companies with extensive experience.
  • Ask for references to learn from their previous customers. 
  • Does the company provide services directly or are they fire protection contractors working with multiple vendors?
  • Look for 24/7 accessibility to ensure your partner can respond to your needs or problems quickly.
  • Efficient and regular communication is key. 
  • Are custom fire protection options available?


Experienced Fire Protection Companies Get it Right the 1st Time

There is literally nothing that can compete with experience, especially when it comes to fire prevention and protection. Would you rather hire fire protection contractors with a few years of experience or twenty-five?

Besides the educational and professional expertise that comes from years of knowledge and working in the field, experienced companies and contractors have a “been there, done that, made the mistakes so you don’t have to” element that’s priceless. You will save money and time by avoiding costly mistakes and common errors.  

Our knowledgeable team of Licensed Professional Engineers, Fire Protection Specialists, Project Coordinators, Account Managers, and Certified Technicians work hard to keep your fire protection systems in perfect working order, so your employees and customers remain safe and your restaurants remain profitable.

Customer References: Listen to What Others Have to Say

Even if companies have been in business for many years, don’t assume they are a fit for your operation – get a list of references to help you decide. It’s easy to read online reviews and think you’ve found a reputable company. But those reviews can be misleading.

Ask the companies and contractors you’re interviewing for customer references. Get the phone numbers and/or emails of their clients and ask questions that matter to you. How easy are they to work with? Are they reliable? Can they service all locations efficiently under one business umbrella?

The best fire protection companies will be happy to supply you with references. AIE is happy to supply our client references. Our conviction of excellence in customer care and comprehensive fire protection has resulted in many decades-long relationships that we’re honored to continue servicing today.

Alternatives in Engineering’s founder, Robert Warmann, started the company to make fire prevention decisions with the client’s needs, not the insurance company’s best interests, in mind. We still put our clients’ needs and best interests first today.

Ensure the Company Provides Services Directly to Make Managing Easy

This is a tricky one. Most top fire safety companies advertise national capabilities with staffed personnel for engineering, installations, inspections, maintenance, repairs, and emergency services. But buyer beware.

These companies may use fire protection contractors who do different things, but rather than telling you this, they claim their own staff does it all. Then, when you get five or six different people coming in to service your fire systems and equipment and just as many invoices, you will suddenly realize what a hassle managing your fire prevention services has become. This can lead to non-compliance.

AIE is unique in the commercial fire protection industry – we actually do have nationwide vendor partners who can service ALL your fire protection equipment, including fire suppression systems and fire sprinkler services, in every restaurant location, in as few visits as possible, all under one umbrella.

Immediate Accessibility Solve Issues Quickly

When you need maintenance or emergency services for your restaurants’ fire equipment, you don’t have time to waste or to shut down for extended periods of time. By considering companies that are proactive in servicing your equipment, rather than waiting for you to call and say something has gone wrong, you’ll save time, money, and hassle.

With proactive service, you have less chance of a leaky sprinkler system or a kitchen hood fire and a better chance of passing those unannounced fire marshal inspections. If you should have a leak or other problem, ensure your fire protection company can troubleshoot over the phone first to mitigate further damage before a technician can arrive.

The best fire protection companies are accessible 24/7/365. At AIE, you always – even on holidays, weekends, or late at night – get an AIE team member every time you call. Our employees are trained to ask the right questions to get to the heart of the problem and help you solve it as soon as possible, while at the same time, dispatching a technician if need be. With AIE as your fire prevention and protection partner, there are no third-party call centers or unnecessary service calls.

You run a busy restaurant. Fire protection services may be lower on your priority list. However, with over 8,000 restaurant and bar structure fires each year and approximately 21 calls per day to American fire departments for this same reason, fire prevention should be at the top of your list and easy to manage.

Top Fire Safety Companies Focus on Relationships & Customer-Care

Look for a company that becomes a partner in your restaurants’ profitability. A company that makes fire prevention something you rarely have to think about because you know it’s being taken care of properly. One that streamlines inspections, maintenance and repair, and offers continuity and cost-savings to your entire business entity, across all areas of fire protection and safety.

The best fire safety companies will take stress efficient management and regular communication. Our customer care team at AIE consists of dedicated Account Managers and Service Coordinators who regularly communicate and keep you abreast of what is happening with your fire protection systems. We don’t wait for you to call us and ask what needs doing or when. It’s easy to be relationship-driven because we love what we do, and without our clients, we would not exist.

Ensure Fire Safety in Restaurants; Hire Top Fire Protection Companies

When it comes to restaurant fire prevention and safety, what really matters is mitigating any chance of fire and keeping your restaurants running safely, with peace of mind. Choosing the right commercial fire protection services is crucial to keeping your customers and staff out of danger and maintaining profitability.

AIE’s ability to support multiple locations across the nation during all phases of fire system design, construction, code consulting and inspections, compliance, maintenance and repairs, and water supply services enables us to expertly provide your restaurants with reliable, measurable value and safety, 365 days a year. Our company offers high-quality fire protection inspection services, specializing in multi-site businesses, restaurants, and retail centers and stores. We also create custom fire protection systems and plans to accomodate your specific needs. Contact us today for a long-term partner in protecting your business and ensuring fire safety in restaurants.  800-892-9863