Emergency Water Leak Repair & Help – 24/7

When you need emergency water leak repair at your commercial building or facility, you need to know who to call – and that call needs to be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. AIE’s water leak emergency service experts answer your call and have reliable contractors on-site quickly, limiting disruption and minimizing the costs of a sprinkler system break or water leak.

Don’t wait to take action or waste time calling several sources for help. AIE is the nationwide, emergency water leak repair service you can rely on. Call us now and mitigate more serious damage as soon as possible. 800-892-9863

Rapid Response for Emergency Water Leak Repair in Commercial Buildings: Above Ground

No business ever plans on a water leak or pipe break in their commercial buildings. But leaks and breaks do happen to water lines or fire sprinkler lines. And when they do, they can cause major disruption to your company – serious damage and loss of inventory, lost productivity, staff attention and focus, potential loss of revenue, customer risks, slip/fall possibilities, and reduced confidence/perception from customers and employees alike.

The AIE team knows the top priority is the safety and confidence of the people on-site at the time of the leak – whether they are customers or employees. Our rapid response for emergency water leak services will stop the water flow immediately and reduce the risks associated with more serious water damage in your building while our expert water leak technicians are in route.

AIE’s fast, one-call process calms the panic and gives you power over the situation.

We start by asking the right questions

Then guide you through the proper steps in the right order to stop the water flow

And return you to normal business as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, our expert technicians are on the way to fix the problem

And you’re back to functioning and up to NFPA 25 fire-safety code standards in no time!

When a problem arises, customers count on fast, efficient, personal customer service from AIE. Our phone lines are staffed 24/7/365 by AIE employees with compassion and competence to help resolve your issues rapidly and return your world to normal.

Prevent Emergency Water Leaks with Regular Inspections

The best way to prevent water line breaks and the need for water leak emergency services at your business or commercial facility is with regular fire sprinkler inspections, as well as water system and life-safety inspections by certified specialists who can spot minor vulnerabilities before they become bigger issues. When you partner with AIE for your water system inspections and maintenance, we catch potential points of liability and make recommendations and repairs to keep water emergencies at bay.

Quicker Resolutions: Find the Underground Source with Expert Water Leak Emergency Services

AIE’s expertise and experience results in quicker resolution of the key initial challenge in underground water leaks – FINDING THE SOURCE!

Getting the right people on-site right away to manage the situation saves time and significant dollars. These dollars can add up quickly with underground leaks or breaks. Our experts in water leak emergency services will locate & repair the water issue quickly to minimize stress and more serious water damage. 

AIE experts have the skills and project management experience to find the source rapidly and fix the problem with minimal business disruption – this is where the true value lies. We know the significance of turning off the water to dig and fix the leak – aside from shutting down your business and lost revenue, it can impact an entire community.

With nearly four decades of experience across the spectrum of fire safety and emergency management, AIE completes the emergency repair job right the first time. We hold all contractors accountable for both performance and cost management and provide a single audited invoice when these often lengthy and expensive projects are completed.

We are your go-to experts for fast and reliable emergency water leak repair services and assistance.


24/7 Emergency Water Leak Services: Here for You

AIE is unique … we have a team of in-house engineers specializing in fire protection and project managers with decades of experience. We also have a nationwide network of the best fire safety and waterline technicians who respond quickly and perform every project with integrity and value.

If you’re experiencing a water line break, inside or outside, call us right away. AIE is open ALL night. We’re here for you 24/7 and can help, no matter where you’re located. Contact us to discuss your fire protection needs. 800-892-9863

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