The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is nationally recognized by thousands of major U.S. corporations as an organization that fuels innovation, diversity, quality, and partnerships. Companies such as Johnson & Johnson, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and The Kroger Company, as well as regional and local businesses, and federal, state, and local government entities all turn to WBENC businesses for excellence, financial benefits, and diversity inclusion.

To be WBENC certified, a business must be 51 percent owned, controlled, operated, and fire equipment & inspection servicesmanaged by a woman or women who also share in the financial risk of the company. To achieve WBENC certification, women-owned businesses must complete formal documentation and go through a site visit process that is lengthy and thorough. This ensures each certified business is sound and reliable so you can feel good about partnering with a WBENC company in your business.

According to WBENC, “Our certification standard is the most relied upon certification of women-owned businesses as a supplier diversity business program. The WBENC fosters diversity in the world of commerce to promote innovation, revenue opportunities, and partnerships that fuel the economy.”

So, why is using a WBENC supplier, such as AIE, important to your business and does it help your bottom line? Let’s explore these questions further.

How is WBENC Valuable to Your Business?

Whether your business is nationwide or regional, B2B or B2C, partnering with a WBENC enterprise is valuable in many ways beyond the tax incentives. You will benefit from a quality advantage, profitability opportunities, and a diversity focus that shows your company is innovative and committed to economic growth. Take a look at the list of advantages below to learn how your company could benefit from partnering with a WBENC company.

Financial Benefits from Tax Incentives

If you conduct business with a WBENC company, the federal government provides tax incentives, as well as a reduced tax liability for projects funded with federal or state grants or loans when your supplier is a women-owned business. Some states also offer similar tax incentives.1

Increased Profitability Opportunities

By working with a WBENC company, you may have a distinct advantage with increased profitability and reduced operating costs. Hackett Group research shows that working with a WBENC-certified business can increase profitability with as much as a 130% return on investment. This research also concluded that procurement organizations that work with a diverse supplier base also had lower overall operating costs and spent 20% less on their buying operations.1

Commitment to Economic Growth & Diversity

WBENC-certified entities are among the fastest-growing sector of our economy. By working with a women-owned business you show your company’s commitment to working in diverse markets and furthering economic growth in local communities. As a diversity supporter, your business becomes more attractive to corporations seeking second-tier sourcing suppliers working with women-owned businesses.2

Increased Productivity with Innovation

WBENC companies work hard to offer the highest quality, most efficient products and services to differentiate themselves and get more done with fewer resources. WBENC businesses tend to be small- to mid-size, offering agility that larger corporations typically do not have. This often equates to a faster turn-around time, increased responsiveness, and innovative strategies – a “whatever it takes” attitude to meet client needs, which can increase your business’s productivity and profitability.

Women-owned businesses represent 42% of all businesses – 13 million in the U.S. They employ 9.4 million workers and generate $1.9 trillion in revenue. – The Guardian, 2018-2019 Study by American Express3,4

October is National Women’s Small Business Month

Did you know October is National Women’s Small Business Month? There’s never been a better time to support women in business and find out how your business can benefit from partnering with a WBENC supplier, like AIE. AIE has been helping businesses protect their people and properties with expert fire protection and life safety solutions since 1983.

Join the movement! #BuyWomenOwned.


AIE Woman Owned Business Outline #BuyWomanOwned

Why Choose Fire Protection from WBENC-certified AIE?

AIE is one of the largest, most-established Women’s Business Enterprise National Council fire protection companies in the country. Ms. Warmann, AIE owner and CEO, has been recognized as one of St. Louis’ Top Women Business Owners and has been awarded the ATHENA Leadership Foundation Organization Award.

In 2019, Kati Smith, AIE President, was named one of the world’s Top 50 Women President’s Organization® “WPO Women 2 Watch.” Her impressive growth from 2014-2019 puts her in good company with 49 other international women who are part of an elite group of the 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies. 

What Makes AIE Unique?

Much more than a slogan, “Stopping fire before it spreads,” is the very bedrock of our corporate culture, and serves as a constant reminder of the unwavering commitment to be a leader in all fire protection matters.

  • AIE is one of the nation’s Top Women Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Companies.
  • Nothing competes with experience; we have 37+ years of longevity in the field.
  • No other company is truly a single-source fire protection company. One contact. One invoice. One set of records.
  • We have professional relationships with Fire Marshals and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) all over the U.S.
  • Our 24/7 toll-free emergency hotline is always answered by AIE staff, never an answering service – yes, even on holidays!
  • We provide the best national fire protection services because AIE has developed an optimized, nationwide contractor network.
  • We have our own in-house, licensed engineers who take a personal interest in your fire protection projects.
  • AIE is known for helping clients drive down costs with knowledgeable decisions and bulk negotiated rates.

No-Obligation Fire Protection Consultation

Your national and regional retail chain and specialty stores, big box stores, wholesale clubs, restaurants, grocery stores, distribution centers, and all multi-site locations are in the best hands with AIE. Our company’s goal from the very beginning was to do what was best for our clients, not the insurance companies, and to stop fire before it spreads 24/7/365, keeping people safe and businesses profitable. Those goals are still our passion, our purpose, and our promise.

To learn how our WBENC certification and fire protection solutions can help your business, contact us for a no-obligation consultation today. 800-892-9863

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